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ADSC Artist-in-Residence: Stephan


Our erstwhile Resident Artist, Stephan,
took the 2nd, 3rd and 5th place prizes in the Art Deco category of the 2011 American Art Awards.



The graceful art deco images that decorate so many Art Deco Society of California publications (including many Sophisticate covers and our note cards and pin) are the work of Stephan, our Artist-in-Residence since ADSC's founding in 1984.

Growing up in Southern California, Stephan dreamed of being a cartoon animator. He saw his first major Broadway show, Follies, at age 21 and from that moment on his goal was to affect people through his art, through stage and costumes and drama. He began an intense study of the 1920s, '30s and '40s at a time when it was considered kitsch, and eventually discovered the art of Erte.

Stephan found out as much as he could about this unique artist, whose career spanned most of the 20th century, and wrote to him in Paris. They eventually met, and continued to correspond until Erte's death. One of Stephan's greatest honors was going to New York in 1985 to present Erte with a lifetime achievement award from the Art Deco Society.

In addition to his work for the Art Deco Society, Stephan has designed posters, logos, pins, stage sets for many Bay Area organizations, and has held several exhibits of his art. He has given lectures on Erte at several international art deco meetings and the Martin Lawrence Gallery.

Stephan's illustrations have also graced many of our Preservation Ball invitations and posters, like the: Platinum Ball: 2001 Preservation Ball - 2002 Preservation Ball - 2003

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Wisdom Ornament at Rockefeller Center

Fiftieth Anniversy Poster, artist Stephan, 1989

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Many of Stephan's pieces are available for purchase. You may contact his representative for current availability and pricing:

Pat Maguire
Exclusive Editions
Tel: 541-574-9256
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E-mail: patgallery@charter.net
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