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Learn How to get the most out of Gatsby Summer Afternoon!

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Out of the Closet

For more fashion and Gatsby guidance, order ADSC's charming and informative
"How to Gatsby"
and "Dressing Deco" booklets, available for $8 each or both for $15 (price includes postage).

Email Zelda for details.

Dressing Deco booklet

By Kimberly Manning Aker, Sara Klotz de Aguilar and Alice Jurow

How to Gatsby

By Kimberly Manning Aker and Sara Klotz de Aguilar

The on-line How to Gatsby guide

By Karen Geer & The Fashion Salon Team

Preparing for Gatsby is fun; a vintage treasure hunt filled with great finds and discoveries. We've provided this information to assist and educate. In these pages is not just what to wear, but a little insight as to how people lived.

1932 Day Dresses

1932 Day Dresses

Start with the overview to familiarize yourself with the era 1920s-30s. During this period they not only had clothes for each season but clothes for different times of day; so Gatsby Summer Afternoon means just that.

Stages of Dress will take you from beginner to deco diva with the tip top news you can use to become a fashion icon. Accessories can tranform a simple dress into a vintage dream, so get those details down. Do you sew? Terrific! It's Sew Gatsby will keep you in stitches. Even those who do not sew will find information on those little details that make clothing have that vintage look. Want to shop 'til you drop? Our Shopping Guide will get you started. Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Are you sure about that? Stop by Out of the Closet before you go spelunking for that outfit. Hair & Makeup, our gilded guide for glamorous gals.

Gentleman, we’d never forget you. Look to the top left of this page and find your guide. Ladies, does it seem unfair that we have so much more “fun” than the boys? Well, we just got the vote in 1920; let’s not get too greedy.

All that is left is the Perfect Picnic with ideas from the ever-creative Laurie Gordon, who started it all in 1984.

Art Deco Society events are not "costume parties" they are vintage events and participants wear the clothing of the time. These guidelines are designed to take you beyond the dreaded Gatsby don'ts, those blatantly modern styles that spoil the Gatsby magic, and into the wonderful world of dressing up deco.

Have Fun!

We have people at the gate to deal with those few unfortunate souls who turn up in unabashed contemporary wear: jeans and t-shirts, athletic shoes, shorts, baseball caps, flip-flops, short-sleeved open-necked shirts on men or modern pantsuits on women. Our Costume Closet offers emergency rental assistance.

Although we admire perfection, one should never offer free-lance criticism of what others are wearing. They are doing their best. This was a faux pas 75 years ago, and it's still bad manners today. Admiration, on the other hand, is cheerfully accepted!

For more fashion guidance, order our charming and informative "How to Gatsby" and "Dressing Deco" booklet, available for $8 each or both for $15. The price includes all shipping and taxes. Email Zelda for details.

The Fashion Salon Team is Alice Jurow, Kimberly Manning Aker, Sara Klotz de Aguilar, Karen Geer, and Cherie Oliver

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