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With Appreciation

The 27th Annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon is produced by:

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2011 Committee
Heather Ripley, Event Chairman
Laurie Gordon, Founder, Gatsby Summer Afternoon
Gregg Greenwood, Gatsby Auto Coordinator
B.Todi, Volunteer Coordinator
Alice Jurow, Advance TIcket Sales
Jonathan Belmares, Costume Closet Coordinator
Nick Mc Neil, Graphic Design

Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate
The managers and staff help every year to make the Gatsby a terrific event and work all year round to keep Dunsmuir beautiful. Please visit the ADSC Membership Table and donate to the Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate!

We Gratefully Acknowledge
Our Gatsby Afternoon 2011 Auto Team

Gregg Greenwood Vintage Auto Coordinator and Prize Donor

Raymond Andre, Larry Farrell, Kij Greenwood, Stephen Grey, Sherrin Grout, A.J. Hunt, Jula Isola, Roberto Isola,
George Mc Quary, Jeff Mosher, Thena MacArthur, Susi Ostand, Kimber Rudo, Jsaon Rudo,
Patrick Segui, Gregory Sealy, Robert Smith, Shannon Valerian

Shuttle Drivers
Brian Harlamoff and Larry Pirack

Our Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2011 Volunteers
We couldn’t have events like these without you!
Chuck Arella, Cynthia Arella, Jonathan Belmares, Edward Carmona, Victoria Carmona, Robin Cawelti, Marilyn Chartrand, Michael Crowe, Fran Cullin, Edward DeHaro, BK Doyra, Anastasia Ellis, Angela Elsey, Vicki Engel, Roy Engoron, Kevin Farley, Larry Farrell, Andre Garcia, Burnie Gipson, Cynthia Glinka, Dennis Harrison, Dave Hedges, Karol Hosking, Jeanavive Janssen, Mary Jenevein, Dan Jepson, Ahna Jotter, Marc Kagan Connie Lo, Martin Lopez ,Kyla McGinley, John Monjar, Cheryl Raich, Bob Reichert, Mike Sarfatti, Carol Sheerin, Beverly Shniper, Itzak Shniper, Martha Silver, Rita Smith, Danielle Sooter, Ashley Stewart, Springer Teich, Maggie Tenenbaum, Nelson Thorpe, Karen Tierney, Carol Toepfer, Joel Toste, Sonia Wolfe, Ignacio Zulueta, and all those who volunteered after press time!

ADSC Lifetime Members
Edward & Victoria Carmona, Alta Davis, Gayle Delaney,
B.K. Doyra, Francis Farina, Rick Fishman & Laurie Gordon, Beverly Foster, Jennifer Glass, John Hinds, Ken Hoard, Mary Jenevein, John Kerns, Derek Kerr, George Middlemass, Gerald Wagner

ADSC Premium Donors

Special Thanks

The DecoBelles for Gatsby 2011

"Miss Art Deco 2011"
Jenna Hueckstaedt

Katie Brookes, Eva Garcia, Miriam Grill, Katrina Haus, Diana Kinsey, Monica Lenk, Cindy Lu, Erin Mahoney, Angie Major, Kristi Major, Christine Mix, Alexandra Alise Montani, Sarah Rice, Jen Rost, Heidi Schave, Nicole Tindall, Kristin Werner, Jasmine Worrell, Anne Yanito and introducing Eloisa Montani

Choreography by Angie Major
Directed by Laurie Gordon
The Decobelles are available for fundraisers and special events!

Find us at www.DecoBelles.com and on Facebook!

A DecoBelle Kiss to Our Sponsors!

Jerry Wagner
Neil and Joanna Nevesny
Cindy Lu
Rick Fishman
Jim Ratliff

Raffle Donors:

Cable Car Clothiers
Besame Cosmetics
All Things Vintage
Bix Restaurant

2011 Gatsby Summer Afternoon

September 11, 2011

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- Johoffberg.com

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- whatsupcupcakeblog.com

- Retrodecosettings.com

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- EvaDress

- Bonjour Teaspoon

See all our 2011 prize winners

Gatsby Photos!

photo by Ramon Fliek

If you have images or video online to share let us know!


External photo galleries:


- Dorothy Brown Photography

- Bobbi Gugger Photography


- Kim's photo gallery

- Ramon Fliek's photo gallery

- Kyla Colleen's facebook album

- Jim Ratliff's facebook album

- Darren Holloway's gallery

- Jonathan Belmares's gallery

photo by Mary Jennings

External Video:

- Wagon races at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon

- Don Neely's Royal Society Jazz Orchestra with Casey MacGill as guest vocalist and Uke

- The DecoBelles Role Call in The Great Gatsby Bathing Beauty Revue

- The DecoBelles Crown Miss Art Deco 2011

- The DecoBelles Perform "Cheer Up, Smile, Nertz!"




"2011 prize winners"

photo by Ramon Fliek


"Jenna Hueckstaedt, Miss Art Deco 2011"
Prize: Crystal tiara and orchid bouquet , Donated by Richard Fishman

Jenna Hueckstaedt, Miss Art Deco 2011photo by Laurie Gordon

Jenna Hueckstaedt, Miss Art Deco 2011
photo by Laurie Gordon

photo by Jim Ratliff


Fashion Parade

Judges: Cicely Hansen of Decades of Fashion and Roberto Isola of CIty Vintage

Best Ladie's outfit: Corene Locke
Prize: Gift Certificate from Decades of Fashion on Haight Street

Best Gentleman's outfit: Mario Avila
Prize: Gift Certificate from La Rosa VIntage on Haight Street

Best Hat: Jenn O'Neill
Prize: GIft Certificate from Things Deco (mail order catalogue) of New York


from left to right: Jenn, Corene, Cicely and Mario - photo by Ramon Fliek

Best Childrens outfit: Elizabeth Sullivan ( 3 years old)
Gift Certificate to Jeffrey's Toy Store in San Francisco

Elizabeth Sullivan
photo by Kyla Colleen

Vintage Automobile Prizes

The winning automobile: George Teebay with a 1930 Pierce Arrow Model B Roadster
Prize: Engraved Cocktail Shaker , donated by Gregg Greenwood

George Teebay
George Teebay with his 1930 Pierce Arrow Model B Roadster - photo by Kyla Colleen

"First Timer Award" : Steve Cavalli with a 1935 Plymouth Coupe

Steve Cavalli
photo by Kyla Colleen


Charleston Dance Contest

Judges: Rusty Frank and Burnie Gipson

First place: Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent
Prize: Le Colonial Restaurant DInner for two and dancing to the Martini Brothers Band

Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent
Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent - photo by Kyla Colleen

All winners
- photo by Kyla Colleen

Second Place: Harry Eisner and Mary Jennings

Third Place: Katherine Brookes and John Akridge

Fourth Place: Rik Panganiban and Cathy Kohatsu



$200-SF Bal Fest Ticket Dec. 2-4. SFSwingFest.com

$25 -Just Dance Afternoon Dance September 24th

$80-Halloween Weekend in Coronado Isle/San Diego Oct. 27-30

$50 -SF Bal Fest Dance Pass (includes Prohibition Party) Dec. 2 SFSwingFest.com

$10ea-Swing Jam SF's new 1st/3rd Sat dance


Best Picnic

Grand Picnic: Lynn Baker
Prize: Engraved Silver Champagne Cooler donated by Jim Ratliff and ribbon

Lynn Baker
Lynn Baker - photo by Kyla Colleen

photo by Kyla Colleen


Small Picnic: Don and Jackie Rankle
Prize: Engraved silver bowl and ribbon

Jackie Rankle
Jackie Rankle - photo by Kyla Colleen


Don and Jackie Rankle
Don and Jackie Rankle - photo by Kyla Colleen

Special "theme" Award

Richard Fishman for his 1939 Worlds Fair Theme Picnic and Car

Richard Fishman
Steven Wheeler and Rick Fishman - photo is by Bobbi Gugger



ADSC board members Karol Hosking and H. Lynn Harrison - photo by Richard Look

ADSC board member Jim Lipman and his dance partner Donna deNu White

left: ADSC board president Joe DiPietro and board member Theresa LaQuey - photo by A. Stewart
right: ADSC board member Ramon Fliek and his wife Tamara
Johnston - photo by Kim

ADSC board vice president Robin Brewer Cawelti and her partner Tim McNamara in front of
Nelson Thorpe's 1914 Hispano Suiza - photo by Jim Lipman

left: ADSC board member Marc Kagan / right: ADSC board member Alice Jurow -
photos by Beverly Shniper
(also a ADSC board member)

on the right: Event Chairman Heather Ripley - photo by Ramon Fliek

from left to right: Erin Mahoney, Rick Fishman and Laurie Gordon - photo by Jim Ratliff


photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

The DecoBelles - photo by Ramon Fliek

left: Veronica Gonzalez-Rubio - right: Jane Xavier Barnes (miss Art Deco 2008)- photo's by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek

photo by Ramon Fliek



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