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Out of the Closet

How to Gatsby

Stages of dress

By Karen Geer & The Fashion Salon Team

The Beginner

Vogue 1927

1927 Vogue

How to Gatsby the easy way, it is possible. First a dress, either dropped waist or no waist at all for 20s or a more tailored natural waist for the 30s. Make sure the dress is of a natural looking fabric and the hem hits below the knee

Then add: a pair of classic pumps with a louis or cuban heel (see the Accessories page) and a clutch or frame purse in leather. A lady never leaves the house without a pair of gloves and a hat so: a pair of white or ivory cotton or lace gloves, wrist or gauntlet length. Finish with a wide brimmed straw hat.

Carefully apply a seam to the back of your legs with an eyebrow pencil if you don't have seamed stockings. Pull long hair into a tidy bun at the nape of the neck, apply some matte red lipstick and a dash of powder, and you are out the door.

The Intermediate

Kick things up a notch. For the 20s you can add the dropped waist detail by wrapping yourself in a long scarf tied at the hip. Hit a hat shop and find something of the period: a cloche for the 20s or a sporty 30s number. Take the plunge and get some character shoes from a theatrical or dance shop or one of many vintage look shoes that are available now.

Check out our accessories section to see the varied styles of jewelry that were worn. You, your mom or your great Aunt Bessie will have something, all it takes is a little digging. Long strands of pearls (white and round only) are iconic of the time.

1927 At the Game

1927 At the Game

Get a great bobbed haircut or a cloche hat to hide your hair. Plucked brows and smudged eyes, matte-red lipstick complete the look.

The Deco Diva

Buy an authentic vintage dress or an excellent reproduction. A diva might also sew or have someone else create the perfect vintage dress (see our It's Sew Gatsby section). Actual vintage shoes or carefully reproduced ones adorn the Deco Diva. It should be noted that as much as we adore real vintage shoes the Gatsby Summer Afternoon takes place on a lawn and we do not want you to ruin a pair of expensive, impossible to replace, authentic shoes.

The Diva goes the extra mile a brings out her vintage jewelry by designers like Fahrner, Peruzzi or Bengel.

The hair is cut in a bob or Eton cut and marcel waved for true sophistication.

The gloves are gauntlet length and match the color and theme of the dress (we like outfits that match in the 20s and 30s). The handbag coordinates as well. You may also add, cigarette holder, cosmetic case and parasol.

Seamed stockings with girdle or garter-belt are a must. Risque girls roll stockings down to below the knee!

Diva make-up: smoky smoldering eyes, light rouge, matte-red lipstick.

Now go over to Accessories to polish the details.

1920s fashion: Deco Diva

1920s Au Gout Beautè

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