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Out of the Closet

How to Gatsby

Hair and Makeup

By Karen Geer & The Fashion Salon Team.

Average woman started regularly wearing makeup in the 1920s. Until then an obviously made up woman was an actress, prostitute or courtier. But the cosmetic industry exploded during this period and nearly every girl was enhancing what nature gave her. But the selection was still fairly limited. So you will need to edit.

First, jetison some comtemporary trends:

  • Avoid orange, pink, frosted or glossy lipstick, the only lip color is red.
  • Use powder, avoid over-tanned bronzers
  • Hide tatoos
  • Ditch the sparkly powder, frosted eye shadow
  • Shiny or sparkling skin. We want beautiful matte skin in your own color!
  • Nails--oval or slightly pointed; no square cuts

1920s Hair & Makeup

  • smudgy smoky eyes
  • "Bee-stung" lips with cupids bow in matte red
  • Thin eye brows
  • Nails - natural

1920s Hair & Makeup

Short Hair: curly (Clara Bow) or smooth bob (Louise Brooks )
Long Hair: Bobbed hair may have been the cat's pajamas, but many women kept their long tresses rolled neatly in a knot at their neck, so your hat fits low too. Practice a wave yourself or with your hairdresser (use gel and clips). Long straight hair was left down on little girls.
Modern Short Hair -Think Clara Bow: Set it in rollers or pin curls and brush out
Remember, a cloche covers all

1930s Hair and Makeup

  • Elongated, thin brows
  • Red lipstick, more natural outline
  • Nails red for 30s

1930s hair & makeup

The bob is dead, but hair is still close to the skull and styled. Elaborate hairdos and makeup can be fun, but the natural, wholesome, girl next door look is always appropriate.

The Fashion Salon Team is and has been: Kimberly Manning Aker, Sara Klotz de Aguilar, Karen Geer, Alice Jurow, Derek Kerr, Cherie Oliver and Maria Rivero care to join us?

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